Sunday Currently vol 2

Today is the first Sunday of 2018 and I’m here in front of my laptop because I decided to make a “Sunday Currently” again after two months of not writing/posting anything on my blog. Up until now, I’m still thinking of what to share. Maybe I could share with you that I’m already working or I could share with you that if I’ve made the right decision that I’m going to do on the first and second quarter of 2018 or why not share with you both.

Let me start by sharing with you that I’m finally a working girl. I’ve got accepted in Pepsi Cola Products Philippine Inc. (PCPPI) last November 2017. I was hired immediately right after my interview. My position in Pepsi is I am a Credit Analyst. I always monitor the receivables of the accounts that I’m handling and I’m the one deciding whether the account is hold or release. It means that if the account is on hold, we will not make any deliveries to them because they have to pay first their overdue invoices. Every Monday, I always make an EA (Exception Approval) to check if the accounts have still overdue invoices. And if they still have, I will immediately send an email to remind them about their overdue invoices.

I’m so much thankful because of the good working environment in Pepsi. I did not have a hard time mingling with my officemates. Most of them are very nice and fun to be with.

Next to share is my decision I have made but I’m not really going to share it specifically. I just would like to share that I am scared now. I am scared because I might made a wrong decision. I am scared that I might fail again. I am scared that things might not go the way I planned. I AM SCARED, BUT HOW WOULD I KNOW THE RESULTS IF I’M NOT GOING TO TRY IT. That is why even if I’m scared, I will still continue doing the decision that I have made. I will still continue doing it because I don’t want to regret in the end that I didn’t try.


I have read this blog post (  in Thoughts Catalog for twice  this morning. One of my new year’s resolutions is to not open my Facebook & Instagram accounts daily because these social media accounts are making me sick. Whenever I open them and see posts that are exquisite and expensive na halos di ko afford ang posts nila, I always end up comparing myself to them na sana ako rin, sana ako rin afford ko yung travels nila. In the end, ako lang ang talo because instead of being thankful on the things that I have, I always end up signing out from my social media accounts thinking when can I post a picture that I’m also in that beautiful place, that I’m also holding an expensive thing with a caption “Thank you, Lord, for this gift.” I know comparing myself to others is super nonsense pero wala eh minsan hindi maiwasan, hindi ko rin maiwasana na sabihin na I feel so incomplete, kaya ako na lang ang gagagawa ng paraan kaya mag-SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX ako. I don’t want to compare myself again to other people because it is very toxic and I know that we all have different stories of success and experiences. That’s why I am helping myself not to stress out on things that I don’t have and haven’t experienced yet.


This blog post

The sound of  electric fan. I’m not playing any music while making this blog post because I don’t know. I think I should open my Spotify now and find a good music I can listen to.

Right now, I am thinking of where we will eat later after the mass. My boyfriend’s relatives just came back from Ireland and we invited them to have a mass in CCF at 6 pm tonight and after the mass, they want to go to Venice in Mckinley.


*nothing* ‘cos I have a cold (sipon). That’s why I can’t smell anything.


2018 will be a great year for me


That the decision I am going to do on the first and second quarter of 2018 will go the way I planned.


My new eyeglass that I bought in Executive Optical (EO) because they are on sale.

A white t-shirt I bought when I was in high school and the new green pajama that my tita gave me last December 2017. Yep, I am still wearing a pajama.It means that I am still not taking a bath. Eww!


all the blogs that I am reading everyday. Hello to all the bloggers out there. Thank you so much for making blogs that keep inspiring me and helping myself to become a better person.

A new planner but I’m still deciding if  should I  buy the Belle De Jour or  a planner that is affordable. Hahaha Kuripot!




Tired because of my sipon.

GRATEFUL because after all the pains, sufferings, failures, & rejections that I’ve experienced last year, I am still here on earth making this blog because I’ve survived. So cheers to another year. May we all have another fruitful and blessed year.


Happy New Year everyone

Happy Sunday




“You are too emotional.”, he said

“You are the one who created these

chaotic emotions and turmoil in my heart.”. she whispered to herself
Ma-anne Fallarna♥


Malaysia & Singapore 2017

I still can’t believe that I went to Malaysia and Singapore with my Bedan college friends last June. It was our first time to have bonding outside the Philippines and also it was my first time to go out with them that is far away from my place. When I was in college, my mom never allowed me to go out of town with my friends because she was so scared that something bad might happen to me.  That’s why I am very thankful to my mom that she finally allowed me to have a vacation, to relax and to have fun with my friends. Actually, when I and my friends bought the plane tickets last December 2016, I didn’t tell this to my mom because I was so scared that she might not allowed me. I have little savings so I used that money for the acquisition of my ticket. I didn’t tell this trip to my mom until February. When we were having lunch, I told her that I would be going to Malaysia and Singapore with my friends on June. I was expecting her to say something about the trip that I have just told her. I was also expecting her to scold me because I was planning a trip with my friends without even asking a permission from her.  But instead of scolding me she just told me to take care of yourself. WOW!!! I never expected those words from her because every time I was asking a permission from her if I could go out of town with my friends, the only word that I hear from her was NO. But that time, it was different words that I heard. It was “Take care of yourself.” Wow! I was so very happy when I heard those words because it meant “YES, I COULD GO WITH MY FRIENDS IN MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE.”


We stayed in Malaysia for 8 days. The famous Petronas Towers is number one on the list of our itinerary.


Our trip in Malaysia would not be complete without tasting the Malaysian food. That’s why we went to Jalan Alor Food Street at Bukit Bintang. This street is one of the touristy places in Malaysia especially when you are in Kuala Lumpur because most of the food that they offer are not too pricey. From there, you can also see the Petronas Towers. We were also lucky because this place is just 5 minutes walking distance from our hotel.


We ate in Mary Brown’s because we were all craving for rice or food that was not related with Malaysian food. We chose this fast food because it was affordable.

(Mary Brown at Genting Highlands)


(Batu Caves)


We had so much fun in Sunway Lagoon. The tickets are too expensive but I am very sure that you wouldn’t regret buying those tickets because you will really enjoy this place especially when you are with your barkada. My favourite water slide is VUVUZELA. I will definitely go back here again.


(Universal Studios Singapore)

We also went to  Singapore and we stayed there for 2 days. It is a 4 hour bus trip from Malaysia. I was shocked on our first night in Singapore. When we had dinner in food court near the place that we were staying in, I didn’t expect that the price of the food we ate were too pricey. Everything in Singapore is expensive. For 2 days, I have spent 8,000 pesos. I know it was too much, but that’s okay what important was that we enjoyed our trip in Singapore. We took a picture in front of The Mummy Revenge because that’s our favourite extreme ride in USS.


In these trips, our friendship was tested. There were misunderstandings that happened, and of course, misunderstandings of barkada would not be complete if the boys and girls would not argue. We got mad with the boys because they drink every night. That was actually one of the reasons why most of the boys woke up late and why our schedules in each day was not followed.  But instead of prolonging the fight between us, we just decided to talk in a matured way because we are not kids anymore.  Arguments between friends? I think that is part of the friendship and that’s how makes our relationship with each other stronger.

See you on our next travel outside the Philippines in 2019″JAPAN!”

Five Things On My Mind Right Now

1. I need to wake up at 4 am tomorrow.
This is my life since my review school have started again. I always need to wake up early to read my hand outs. For me, morning reading is really good because my mind is still fresh which means it is very active that I can memorize and understand accounting principles and business laws without putting so much effort.

2. Will I pass the CPA Board exams this coming October 2017?
Yes, I will. I should stop being too negative on myself.

3. What should I do on my birthday?
Should I celebrate my birthday or should I just review for my boards?
Today is the first day of September. I got messages from my close friends greeting me a happy birthday in advance with libre!libre! at the end of their messages. My replied with their messages  was nothing but a seen. Joke! I wanted to do that but I can’t because I treated them as my siblings and I do not want to be rude with them. *Minsan lang, Huwag palagi. Hahaha*

Last month, I told to my bestfriend that I wanted to hike on my birthday but my life now is telling me that I only have the right to do it after the board exams. Okay, fine!  I think a simple birthday dinner with my family and friends will do.

4. I envy my sister sometimes.

I envy her because she always has a time to watch k-dramas.

The first k-drama that I have watched was Endless Love.  But believe me, I did not understand the story of this k-drama because I was only a kid before and did not have any idea about boyfriend-girlfriend thing. I watched this k-drama because I was so amazed by Song Hye Kyo’s beautiful face. She looks so perfect and she doesn’t age.

5. I will sleep for more than 8 hours after the CPA Board Exams.

I still have 36 days to make more beautiful designer eye bags. I am willing to give my designer eye bags for free. Just send me a message and I will immediately ship it to you.

Good Night

Making Friends

Before, I was not really good  in associating with other people. I mean, when I was younger, I was not really comfortable whenever I meet someone for the first time because in the back of my mind I was thinking of thoughts like how would I get along with this person?Does she/he likes me to be her/his friend? These questions in my mind stopped me in building friendship with people.  I once told to myself that I was too cynical.

Maybe because I was a shy type person before. That’s why it was difficult for me to begin the conversation  or maybe it was because I was waiting for that person to talk to me first and start a topic that we could talk about and if I was not interested, I would not continue the conversation. I know,  this attitude of mine was so very unmannerly.

So when I stepped my foot in college, that was the time that I told to myself that I needed to change my negative attitude by being friendly. In  a simple Hi- Hello- How are you?, I did not notice that I was making friends with other people. I did not notice that sometimes I was the one who started the conversation, gave topics, shared my thoughts and asked them questions that they may be interested to talk about.

As I continue doing this, I have realized that

being yourself,

being kind,


being a good listener

are three of the keys to make friends with other people. I met so many amazing people when I was in college and I didn’t expect that I would be closed with them. I have learned so many good things from them and about life. They led me to realize that being pessimistic about building friendship  can actually prevents me to get along with great people that can help me to become a better human being.

But this is what I always remind to myself every time life introduces me to someone. I should not expect all the persons that I will meet/have met will stay in my life forever.

We meet someone for a reason either we will learn new things from them or they will learn something good from you.

“Always be glad and grateful whether they leave or stay.”