Five Things On My Mind Right Now

1. I need to wake up at 4 am tomorrow.
This is my life since my review school have started again. I always need to wake up early to read my hand outs. For me, morning reading is really good because my mind is still fresh which means it is very active that I can memorize and understand accounting principles and business laws without putting so much effort.

2. Will I pass the CPA Board exams this coming October 2017?
Yes, I will. I should stop being too negative on myself.

3. What should I do on my birthday?
Should I celebrate my birthday or should I just review for my boards?
Today is the first day of September. I got messages from my close friends greeting me a happy birthday in advance with libre!libre! at the end of their messages. My replied with their messages  was nothing but a seen. Joke! I wanted to do that but I can’t because I treated them as my siblings and I do not want to be rude with them. *Minsan lang, Huwag palagi. Hahaha*

Last month, I told to my bestfriend that I wanted to hike on my birthday but my life now is telling me that I only have the right to do it after the board exams. Okay, fine!  I think a simple birthday dinner with my family and friends will do.

4. I envy my sister sometimes.

I envy her because she always has a time to watch k-dramas.

The first k-drama that I have watched was Endless Love.  But believe me, I did not understand the story of this k-drama because I was only a kid before and did not have any idea about boyfriend-girlfriend thing. I watched this k-drama because I was so amazed by Song Hye Kyo’s beautiful face. She looks so perfect and she doesn’t age.

5. I will sleep for more than 8 hours after the CPA Board Exams.

I still have 36 days to make more beautiful designer eye bags. I am willing to give my designer eye bags for free. Just send me a message and I will immediately ship it to you.

Good Night

Making Friends

Before, I was not really good  in associating with other people. I mean, when I was younger, I was not really comfortable whenever I meet someone for the first time because in the back of my mind I was thinking of thoughts like how would I get along with this person?Does she/he likes me to be her/his friend? These questions in my mind stopped me in building friendship with people.  I once told to myself that I was too cynical.

Maybe because I was a shy type person before. That’s why it was difficult for me to begin the conversation  or maybe it was because I was waiting for that person to talk to me first and start a topic that we could talk about and if I was not interested, I would not continue the conversation. I know,  this attitude of mine was so very unmannerly.

So when I stepped my foot in college, that was the time that I told to myself that I needed to change my negative attitude by being friendly. In  a simple Hi- Hello- How are you?, I did not notice that I was making friends with other people. I did not notice that sometimes I was the one who started the conversation, gave topics, shared my thoughts and asked them questions that they may be interested to talk about.

As I continue doing this, I have realized that

being yourself,

being kind,


being a good listener

are three of the keys to make friends with other people. I met so many amazing people when I was in college and I didn’t expect that I would be closed with them. I have learned so many good things from them and about life. They led me to realize that being pessimistic about building friendship  can actually prevents me to get along with great people that can help me to become a better human being.

But this is what I always remind to myself every time life introduces me to someone. I should not expect all the persons that I will meet/have met will stay in my life forever.

We meet someone for a reason either we will learn new things from them or they will learn something good from you.

“Always be glad and grateful whether they leave or stay.”

Sunday Currently Volume 1

Time flies so fast. I can’t believe I only have 40 days to prepare for my board exams.I will take the board exams for the third time and this time I will make sure that I will not fail again. I never wanted to feel again the sadness and frustrations. If you are reading this blog, I hope that you will not judge me. Soon, I will blog about why I failed twice in my previous exams.

Before I went to CCF 33rd anniversary, I was reading Fringe Benefit Tax and memorizing the tax rates as well.
“Fringe Benefit Tax is any good, service or any other benefit granted by employer in cash or in kind, in addition to basic salaries to an individual employee( except rank and file employee)”

While reading this topic, I realized that if you want your business to be successful, you should hire people that are really smart and to make them stay in your business, provide them the benefits that are really necessary for them like housing, cars, medical allowance, educational assistance, etc. And if you provide these to them, you have to pay the fringe benefit tax which is a final tax. Running your own business is not easy. You should be ready to face the reality that there are so many taxes that you need to pay to government.

Lately, I am writing poems about my past experiences. Few years back, my life was very dramatic. I’ve experienced miserable things  I  never thought that would happened to me. But instead of dwelling myself into sadness of my past life, I would  take them as good lessons in my life.

Halaga by Parokya Ni Edgar. I love their songs so much.

What will happen to me in the future?
I have been asking this question to myself since the day I have known that I didn’t pass the board exams last May 2017. Sad truth but I need to go on with my life. I need to prove to myself (NOT TO EVERY ONE) that I can get the three letter title CPA this October 2017. I know that I will be a CPA. I always trust God’s perfect timing.


To pass the board exams on October 2017. No matter how many times life knocked me down, I will still stand up to continue pursuing my dreams. Aja! Aja! Fighting!

For happiness.
For Love.
For forgiveness from the people I have hurt without them knowing.

Pants and long sleeves. Since I came home from CCF, I haven’t changed my clothes yet When I got home,I went straight to our kitchen to get food and I quickly ate dinner because I was super hungry.

My dog. I can’t wait to see her babies. She is already pregnant.#LudyTheSiberianHusky

I really want to have my own PS4. I will make sure to buy this after my boards.:)
My favorite game is GTA!!! I became addicted to this game since I was in high school when my PSP was still functioning.
But…. Ooops….Warning: GTA is not a video game for kids because it contains scenes of violence and most of the scenes happen in real life. I think kids are not ready yet to face the bad sad of reality. Let the kids enjoy first the happy side of the real world. 🙂

Sleep for 12 hours. Yes! Reviewing for boards is not that easy.

Sleepy. I decided to finish this blog first before I change my clothes into “PAMBAHAY” and sleep.Also, I am feeling EXCITED because September is coming this week. It is my birth month.

Hello to all the September babies out there! May you have a good birthday celebration with your family and friends. I wish you happiness in life and may you find your life’s purpose here on earth.


Huwag kang maniwala
Isa lamang iyon kasinungalingan
Huwag mo na itong hayaang mangyari
Huwag mong hayaan na muli ka niyang saktan
Huwag mong hayaan ang sarili mo na bumalik sa relasyong walang patutunguhan
Huwag ka na ulit umasa
Hindi mo ito magugustuhan

Muli ka lamang niyang paasahin
Muli ka lamang niyang sasaktan ng paulit-ulit
Muli mo na namang ikukulong ang iyong sarili
sa bartolina ng iyong kalungkutan.
Muli ka naman mawawala sa mundo ng iyong mga pangarap
Muli ka na naman malulunod sa iyong mga tanong na hindi masagot

Nabuo mo na ang iyong sarili
Naghilom na ang mga sugat sa iyong puso
Tumakbo ka na papalayo sa kaniya
Kung gusto mong magkaroon ng saysay ang iyong buhay



Ang sarap pala umibig lalo na sa unang pagkakataon.
Ang sarap pala masabihan ng mahal kita na galing sa taong mahal mo.
Ang sarap pala bumuo ng pangarap kasama ang taong mahal mo.

Mahal kita, oo mahal kita at sa unang pagkakataon ito ay aking naramdaman.
Sa unang pagkakataon ako ay niyakap ng lalaking mahal ko at salamat dahil ikaw yun.

Ang sarap mong pagmasdan.
Isa ito sa mga paborito kong gawin sa tuwing tayo ay magkasama.
At ito ay naging isang paborito mo na ring gawain

Sa tuwing ako ay iyong tinitignan para bang gusto mong ipagsigawan na ako ang iyong mundo.
Ang sarap maramdaman na sa tuwing niyayakap mo ako ay ipinaparamdam mo sa akin ang init ng iyong pagmamahal.
Ang sarap maramdaman na sa tuwing hinahawakan mo ang aking mga kamay ay halos ayaw mo na itong bitawan at para bang sinasabi mo sa akin “akin ka lang, mahal ko.”

Ibang klase ka magmahal. Oo ikaw, mahal ko.
Ibang klase ka magmahal dahil ipinaramdam mo rin sa akin na ako ay may magandang kinabukasan sa iyong piling.
Kinabukasan na sabay nating bubuuin at tatahakin matupad lang natin ang ating mga pangarap.
Mga pangarap na sabik na sabik na akong gawan ng paraan para maabot natin itong mga pangarap na sabay nating nilikha sa ating mga isipan.

“Napakaswerte ko at nakikilala kita.” Iyan ang mga salitang palagi mong binabanggit sa akin sa tuwing tayo ay magkasama.
Sa iyong mga salita at kilos ay madali mo akong napaniwala.

Napaniwala mo ako na tila ba’y isa kang anghel na ipinadala dito sa lupa at binigyan ng misyon ng Diyos na ako’y iyong mahalin at pasayahin.

Ngunit isang araw bigla kang nawala na para bang may isang malaking buhawi na dumaan at tinangay ka na lang sa akin bigla-bigla.
At sa iyong pagkawala, nakita ko ang aking sarili na hinahanap ka ngunit hindi kita nakita sa lugar na kung saan mo ako iniwan.

Nasaan ka? Hindi kita makita.
Ang tagal na ng simulang hanapin kita.
At sa aking paghahanap sa’yo, unting-unti kong nalimutan na mahalin ang aking sarili.

Unting-unti kong nalimutan ang aking mga pangarap.
Unting-unti ko nilulunod ang sarili ko sa dagat ng aking kalungkutan.
Unting-unti akong nawawala sa mundong inasahan kong makakasama.
Unting-unti ako nanghina at nawalan ng pagasa sa buhay.

Ang sakit.
Ang sakit dahil sa unang pagkakataon naramdaman ko ang sakit na mawalan ng minamahal.
Ang sakit na malaman na wala ka na sa aking piling.
Ang sakit malaman na umalis ka na para bang walang tayo.
Ang sakit malaman na nilisan mo ang aking puso.
Ang sakit malaman na ang mga pangarap na ating binuo ay isa na lamang pangarap na hindi na matutupad.
Ang sakit malaman na sa iyong pagalis ay hindi ka man lang nagpaalam.
At ang sakit, sakit malaman na nalaman ko pa sa iba na hindi pala talaga ako ang iyong bukod tanging mahal.
Ang sakit malaman.
Ang sakit malaman na isa mo lamang pala akong babaeng walang kasiguraduhan kung ako ba ay iyong seseryosohin o hindi.

Bakit ganun?
Bakit kailangan sa akin mangyari ito?
Bakit sa akin?
Nagmahal lang naman ako.
Bakit ako ang napili mong lokohin?
Bakit ako ang napili mong paasahin sa pagmamahalan na akala ko ay totoo?

Bakit ako?
Ikaw lamang ang nakakaalam ng sagot sa mga tanong ko.

Pakiusap, mahal ko,sabihin mo sa akin ang sagot sa tanong kong “Bakit ako ang napili mong saktan?”

Ilang araw, ilang buwan at isang taon na paghihintay sa iyo, hindi ka na talaga nagpakita.
Pinabayaan mo ako masaktan at mapagod.
Pinabayaan mo ang aking puso ay unting-unting magkapirapiraso.
Hindi ako nakapaghanda sa iyong pag-alis.
Hindi ko inasahan na may katapusan din pala ang saya na ipinaramdam mo sa akin
Ang SAYA na akala ko ay magatatagal.
Ang SAYA na nasayang ng simulang ako ay iyong lisanin.

Sa iyong pagalis, iginising mo ako sa katotohanan na ang pagmamahal na ipinaramdam mo sa akin at ang mga masasayang araw nating dalawa ay peke lang pala.

Maraming salamat dahil sa lahat ng sakit na aking naranasan ako ay naging isang matibay na babae. Kaya ko pala. Kaya ko mabuhay na wala ka.

Kaya ko ito at sa susunod kong magiging relasyon sisiguraduhin ko na hindi na muli itong magiging isang MALAKING PEKENG RELASYON.